Manoj Tiwari is a Member of Parliament from BJP. He won the North East Delhi (Lok Sabha constituency) in the 2014 General elections. By profession Manoj Tiwari (born February 1971) is a singer, actor, television presenter and music director.

Tiwari was among the first celebrities to make an appearance in support of Ramdev's hunger strike at the Ramlila Ground protests on 4 June 2011. He sang various patriotic songs to the gathered protestors and claimed that he had ceased filming for a month in order to join the protest. In August of that year he was involved in protests surrounding the arrest of Anna Hazare, of whose popular anti-corruption movement he approved.

Tiwari hails from Bihar, He has acted in the Bhojpuri genre of the Indian film industry and 2005 onwards he was reported to be Super Star of that genre. He acted more than 50 movies.

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